Novello – Santa Trinita


PEDOCLIMATIC ENVIRONMENT: Hilly areas with maximum elevations of 700 metres and soil made of arenaceous, calcareous, marly substrata, clayey shale and sand.
GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Sangiovese.
COLOUR: Intense purple red with purple reflections.
CHARACTERISTICS: This wine is characterised by a generous bouquet, ranging from floral to fruity, with hints of raspberry and soft fruits and a dry, well-balanced flavour.
GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: This wine is particularly suitable with light first courses, white meat, dried fruit and roasted chestnuts.
SERVING TEMPERATURE: Serve at a temperature of 14°-16° C; to be drunk in within the year of production.
WINEMAKING: For the production of new vintage, the grapes are picked in September and the entire bunches are put inside appropriate containers; following the creation of a vacuum, carbon dioxide is added. This wine is the result of carbon steeping; it is much appreciated for its crispness and fruity fragrance which make it extremely drinkable.
BOTTLE: Borgogne 750 ml