DOC 50cl
AREA OF ORIGIN: Tuscany, Chianti area.
PEDOCLIMATIC ENVIRONMENT: The pedoclimatic environment characteristic of Tuscany with elevations of 100 to 600 metres above sea level, appropriate position and exposition, with the exclusion of valley lines and damp areas.
GRAPE VARIETIES: Between 70% and 100% Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia del Chianti, other authorised white grape varieties may be added up to 30%.
COLOUR: Yellow varying from gold to intense amber.
CHARACTERISTICS: This wine has a characteristic intense ethereal aroma, with well-balance; the mild and sweet varieties are characterised by a smooth flavour.
GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: This wine is a suitable accompaniment to mature cheeses and ideal as a dessert wine, particularly with the typical Tuscan cantucci biscuits.
SERVING TEMPERATURE: Serve at a temperature of 20° C.
WINEMAKING: The traditional wine-making process starts with a careful selection of the grapes, which are naturally dried on reed racks from the moment of their harvest to late December. The grapes are then pressed to make must, which is put into oak casks of no more than 5 hl, where the wine will remain for at least 3 years.
BOTTLE: 500 ml